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Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!!


Subcomandante Marcos aka jojo
17 August
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Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (Zapatista National Liberation Army)
Writings of Subcommander Marcos of the EZLN
rally cry
The Death of Che Guevara: Declassified
Theory of Guerilla Warfare
Guerilla Warfare: an introduction to the art of Revolution
Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare
EZLN Communiques
Ideas Are Also Weapons by Subcomandante Marcos
Subcomandante Marcos: Say No to the War of Fear
Subcomandante Marcos, "The Slaves of Money"
Subcomandante Marcos by Zapatista Stories
This is our WORLD

Zapatista Anthem
Now we can see the horizon
- Zapatista combatant -
The change will mark
Those who come after us.
Forward, forward, forward we go
To take part in the struggle ahead
Because our country cries out for
All of the efforts of the Zapatistas
Men, children and women
We will always make the effort
Peasants and workers
All together with the people.
Our people demand an end
To exploitation, now!
Our history says... now!
To the struggle for freedom.

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